Australia’s Submarines Built Here.

Under Labor, Australia’s Future Submarines will be built, maintained and sustained in Australia.

Building and delivering Australia’s new submarine fleet is an inter-generational decision. Future Prime Ministers, from both sides of politics, will have to live with the decision that is taken.

This is the most significant procurement decision of our time, with construction and maintenance costs going beyond many billions of dollars over the life of the project – it is vital that we get it right.

For strategic defence reasons it is critical that Australia retains an independent capability to build, sustain and maintain our next fleet of submarines.

It is simply too important for flawed selection processes and partisan politics.

Before the last election, the future construction of Australia’s submarine fleet was bipartisan, with both Liberal and Labor declaring the next generation of submarines would be built in Australia.

Since then, the Liberals have turned the issue of Australia’s submarine build into a political football and refused to guarantee they will deliver on that promise.

And while a preferred bidder – DCNS – has been announced, contracts are not yet signed.

Only Labor has been clear and consistent: we would make it a condition of the contract that the successful tenderer build Australia’s Future Submarines in Australia.

This will ensure Australia secures a future submarine fleet that meets our national defence requirements at the most competitive price for taxpayers, and grows thousands of good Australian jobs in the process.