Backing Apprenticeships

A Shorten Labor Government will boost apprenticeships across the country, giving more Australians the opportunity to gain real skills and a good job.

Labor will do this by ensuring a proportion of the jobs on major federally funded-projects are delivered as apprenticeships.

We will start with a target of seeing one in 10 jobs on Labor’s priority infrastructure projects filled by Australian apprentices. This will create 2,600 new apprenticeship places for young workers seeking a job and real skills.

In government, we will also work with the States and Territories and industry to develop procurement rules for apprentices that will apply to all infrastructure, construction and defence projects with capital expenditure over $10 million.

This will create tens of thousands more apprenticeship places in the years to come.

Only Labor backs apprentices and vocational training, because we believe every Australian should have the chance to gain real skills and a good job.

More information on Labor’s policy for apprentices is available here.