Brisbane's Cross River Rail

A Shorten Labor Government will invest in the Brisbane Cross River Rail Project which will ease congestion, improve transport connections and create local jobs for a growing Brisbane population. 

The project will create an estimated 8,000 jobs and the focus on infrastructure investment will increase the capacity of the entire Brisbane public transport network, getting ahead of growth.

Labor will provide $800 million towards the Cross River Rail, subject to a positive business case and finalised negotiations with the State Government and the new delivery authority.

Labor’s announcement follows the State Government’s announcement in its 2016 Budget that it will establish a delivery authority which will obtain environmental approvals and commence scoping of value share opportunities, early works and pre-procurement activities for the transformative project. 

The Cross River rail project includes a 10.2 kilometre link from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, with 5.9 kilometres of tunnel under the Brisbane River and CBD.

It will connect to northern and southern rail networks, providing significant benefits to commuters from both directions. Stations will be developed at five key locations: Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street, Roma Street and the Exhibition showgrounds.

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city.

Without an effective transport system providing access to jobs, Brisbane’s economic output could be restricted by about $69 billion between 2015 and 2031.

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver the infrastructure that Queensland needs to manage its strong growth and drive job creation. 

In addition, a Shorten Labor Government will work with the State Government to access Labor’s $10 billion Infrastructure Finance Facility, which was announced in 2015, to determine whether innovative financing options are available to unlock federal funds.

Working in conjunction with the State Labor Government, a Shorten Labor Government will honour its strong commitment to the local steel industry and local steel jobs by maximising the use of Australian steel in all federally-funded projects.

When they were elected, the Abbott-Turnbull Liberal Government cut all funding to new public transport projects, including to Cross River Rail, and since its election, public sector infrastructure investment across Australia has fallen.

We have lost three years on public transport in Brisbane under the Liberals and cannot afford to lose any more wasted infrastructure years under a Liberal Government.

Labor is the party of nation-building. Our investments will help the people of Queensland get their fair share of federal funding for infrastructure. 

Labor’s commitments are contingent on a positive assessment from Infrastructure Australia, consistent with our position that all major infrastructure projects need to go through a thorough and detailed assessment prior to securing funds.

This project is an important part of Labor’s cities policy.

Labor believes that the Federal Government should be involved in cities. With 80 per cent of Australians living in cities, how we plan and design our cities is vital to making them productive, sustainable and livable.

Only Labor will build the transport infrastructure that the residents of Brisbane will need in the future.

For more information on Labor’s Plan for Cross River Rail, please see here