Build Jobs and Industry While Tackling Climate Change

Labor’s guiding philosophy for more than a century has been that a stable job, with decent pay and conditions, is the bedrock of a decent life. Saving for a home, raising a family, having financial security in retirement are only possible when you have a decent job.

Climate change will drive the most significant economic transformation in modern history. That’s why we need a plan to address the challenges posed by a changing climate and create new opportunities for our businesses and industry – and secure the jobs of the future.

To achieve this, a Shorten Labor Government will establish a Strategic Industries Taskforce to undertake in-depth engagement with emissions intensive, trade exposed (EITE) industries and identify options to support their future competitiveness. This will be supported by a Strategic Industries Reserve Fund of $300 million to support the transition of key industries to 2020.

The heightened awareness of climate risk is driving rapid and accelerating innovation in our energy sector, resulting in falling costs for clean technology and renewable energy. On top of this, the increasing market for low-carbon products, new patterns of international production and trade and technological advances have dramatically altered the shape of the global economy over the last two decades.

But there is an important choice for governments the world over – do they support this transition, ensuring their countries and citizens benefit from the change, or do they ignore the shifts, consigning their countries to laggard status in the global race for growth and jobs?

Labor recognises this rapid change means that “Business as usual” is no longer an option - structural change is inevitable, but we need to act now so that we can capitalise on these shifts to build a stronger, fairer and more resilient economy.

The transition of Australia’s economy to a clean energy future is not negotiable.

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