Community Power Network

Labor knows that as part of Australia’s economic transformation we need to seriously tackle climate change. All Australians need to be able to benefit from renewable energy solutions in their homes and communities. But we also know that some people and communities face massive barriers to taking advantage of renewable energy.  Social and community housing, rental properties and apartment-style living all face barriers and to overcome these barriers, we need a government that is willing to act.

That is why a Shorten Labor Government will work with the State and Territory Governments to develop a Community Power Network that will draw from the skills and expertise around the country to support the delivery of renewable energy solutions in social and community housing, rental properties and apartment-style living.

The Network will oversee the creation of up to ten Community Power Hubs across Australia that will help local communities access renewable energy. Community Power Hubs will provide legal and technical expertise and start-up funding to help kick-start clean energy projects across Australia.

The Network will also develop an online community to ensure that ideas, models, business plans, implementation strategies and case studies are freely available to all community energy groups.

Labor will provide $98.7 million over four years to establish the Community Power Network and Community Power Hubs. This funding includes over $16.0 million per year in competitive grants for community groups to pilot new approaches and demonstration projects in community housing, providing lessons that can then be rolled out nationally through the Network.

For more information on Labor's positive plan for Community Power, read the face sheet here.