Cutting Government Waste: No Plebiscite For Marriage Equality

Labor has a clear fiscal plan to get the budget back onto a sustainable footing by delivering more savings than spending over the coming decade.

We have clearly identified a range of Abbott-Turnbull Government policies which do not meet our test for the national interest and will be discontinued under Labor.

Labor has been clear that we will not proceed with Malcolm Turnbull’s wasteful $160 million plebiscite on marriage equality. This national vote is completely unnecessary when the Australian Parliament could deal with marriage equality straight away.

Not only that, but the harm done to gay and lesbian Australians and their families through a divisive and hurtful public campaign against marriage equality would cost our community dearly.  

These savings, in concert with Labor’s fair plans on multinational taxation, high end superannuation, negative gearing and tobacco excise will help set the budget on a more sustainable trajectory so that Australia can afford to make important investments in the things that matter: like schools, hospitals and infrastructure for our future.