Cutting Government Waste: Not Proceeding With The New Baby Bonus

Labor has a clear fiscal plan to get the budget back onto a sustainable footing by delivering more savings than spending over the coming decade.

We have clearly identified a range of Abbott-Turnbull Government policies which do not meet our test for the national interest and will be discontinued under Labor.

Labor will also oppose Malcolm Turnbull’s $1,000 Baby Bonus payment for families with a child under one, saving the Budget $380 million.

This new payment is not about helping Australian families; it was all about Malcolm Turnbull buying support from the National Party to get the top job as Prime Minister. Australians shouldn’t have to pay the price for this Liberal/National deal.

These savings, in concert with Labor’s fair plans on multinational taxation, high end superannuation, negative gearing and tobacco excise will help set the budget on a more sustainable trajectory so that Australia can afford to make important investments in the things that matter: like schools, hospitals and infrastructure for our future.