Fast-tracking Priority National Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects have become much too politicised under the Abbott-Turnbull Government. Labor will take the politics out of infrastructure and put the nation’s interest at the heart of nation building again.

We will achieve this by empowering Infrastructure Australia to become an active participant in the infrastructure market, working with State Governments and brokering deals to bring nation building projects to fruition.

We will also give Infrastructure Australia an independent financing capacity and balance sheet to jumpstart the development of new projects.

We have announced an initial short-list of projects that Labor supports and would pursue as a priority in Government. The initial list of projects that Labor will support includes:

  • The Airport Rail to Badgerys Creek, connecting the Western and South lines 
  • The Melbourne Metro
  • The Cross River Rail project in Brisbane 
  • The ‘G’ Light Rail on the Gold Coast 
  • Tasmania’s Midland Highway
  • Perth Metronet
  • Gawler Line electrification and AdeLINK in Adelaide 
  • The Pacific and Bruce Highway packages, projects that have been underway for several years, but need to be fast tracked to completion 

These are projects that Infrastructure Australia has either assessed, or where Labor will work with state governments to fast-track assessments – they are Australia’s national to-do-list of priority infrastructure projects.

Beyond these immediate priorities, Labor will develop a long term pipeline for projects and ensuring the steady movement of projects through the assessment, development and financing phases.

By building Infrastructure Australia up as an independent, funded project-broker, we will provide new and greater certainty to investors as well as creating a powerful incentive for State governments to propose and approve projects.

Just as the Reserve Bank of Australia is the independent authority at the centre of monetary policy, Infrastructure Australia will be at the centre of capital investment, driving results that are in the national interest.

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver better infrastructure to ease congestion, create jobs and improve productivity.

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