Generating Jobs Through Trade And Investment

A Shorten Labor Government will pursue trade and investment policies that support Australian jobs and living standards by opening up new markets, driving exports into those markets, and attracting new investment.

Labor understands that as the Australian economy transitions out of the mining boom we need to find other sources of growth and jobs.

We need to realise the export potential of sophisticated Australian services industries such as education, tourism, and financial and professional services.

We want to see our advanced manufacturing firms access the global value chains that are reshaping international production.

And our farmers and food processors supplying more high-value Australian food to the rapidly growing countries of Asia.

A Shorten Labor Government will negotiate high-quality international trade agreements that open up new export markets by reducing tariffs, quotas and “behind the border” barriers to trade.

We will do so while maintaining Australia’s right to adopt sound public policies in areas such as health care, environmental protection, fair working conditions and job opportunities for Australian workers. 

Read the fact sheet for more information on Labor's plan for trade and investment.