Higher education – Clearer Information For Parents and Students

The success of our students starts with choosing the right course, at the right university.

There is an obligation on government to assist students in making informed choices upon entering university.

From the final years of high school, to applying for courses at university, we must do more to ensure that students and parents have the information they need to make good decisions. With the demand driven system similar to a marketplace for students and course offerings, government should ensure that students are well-informed consumers.

Before enrolling for a degree, students should have access to information like what the average salary is upon graduation, and career opportunities upon graduation.

There are many opportunities to leverage digital technology and a Shorten Labor Government will engage Australia’s burgeoning start-up industry in this process.

More informed students and parents will mean better decisions and ultimately improved outcomes.

A similar approach has recently been announced in the United States by President Obama in the form of a College Scorecard.

Labor is committed to ensuring that students have the best information available when deciding to enrol into a specific course and will work with students, parents, universities, professional career counselling bodies and business to embrace new technology and forms of transparency.

Investing in education is the single most important thing we can do to maintain Australia’s prosperity and secure the jobs of the future.

Labor has always been committed to opening access to higher education to more Australians and supporting universities as critical drivers of innovation across the economy.

More information about Labor’s positive plan is available here.