Higher education – Student Funding Guarantee

Investing in education is the single most important thing we can do to maintain Australia’s prosperity and secure the jobs of the future.

Labor has always been committed to opening access to higher education to more Australians and supporting universities as critical drivers of innovation across the economy.

A Shorten Labor Government will build on this record – not just because it is the fair thing to do, but because our future prosperity depends on it. 

Two in every three jobs created in the future will require a university degree, and so we need to be building the workforce of the future today. The role of Government should be improving access to higher education not putting walls around our universities through a massive debt burden. 

Labor is the party of education and expanding opportunity to higher education. Because of our past reforms an additional 190,000 students are enrolled at university today. Labor will continue the demand driven system and ensure that access to university remains a matter of hard work and good marks, not your bank balance.

A Shorten Labor Government will introduce a new Student Funding Guarantee to provide certainty to universities and remove the need for higher fees. 

Under a Shorten Labor Government, average funding per undergraduate student in 2018 will be more than $11,800.

This additional investment will ensure that students are encouraged rather than deterred from studying at university, improving the productive capacity of our economy. 

To provide certainty and confidence to a sector that is vital to maintaining Australia’s prosperity, Labor will legislate the Student Funding Guarantee, and index the funding to ensure the value of the contribution isn’t eroded over time.

Only Labor is committed to investing in higher education to create and sustain the jobs of the future. 

More information about Labor’s positive plan is available here.