Immigration – Increasing The Humanitarian Intake

Major conflicts in Syria, Iraq and the nations across Africa have seen the number of displaced people fleeing from war, conflict or persecution rise to its highest level since World War II.

The forced displacement of people around the globe is currently at unprecedented levels. By the close of 2015 an estimated 60 million individuals were forcibly displaced globally by persecution, conflict, violence and human rights violations. This is equivalent to one person in every 122 on the planet being displaced by violence and war.

Australia is a nation writ large because of migration. We should never forget the debt we owe to generations of migrants, and refugees, who in seeking a better life have enriched the lives of all Australians.

There can be no doubt that immigration has unreservedly been one of the secrets of Australian success.

We are proud so many of us are Australians by choice.

That is why Labor will increase Australia’s annual humanitarian intake to 27,000 by 2025. As part of our commitment to demonstrating leadership in our region, a portion of the program will be dedicated to resettling refugees from the region.

This is Labor’s plan to ensure that Australia takes our fair share of refugees. It is a plan that ensures that Australia steps up and fulfils a greater responsibility as a good global citizen; a nation that is responsible in the world and secure at home.

More information about Labor’s positive plan is available here.