Immigration – Mandatory Reporting And More Transparency

A Shorten Labor Government will ensure Australia has a compassionate, humane and safe approach to irregular migration throughout our region.

Labor believes in a compassionate approach to asylum seekers which enables refugees to progress their claims safely and securely. 

Labor is absolutely committed to preventing people smuggling and ensuring vulnerable people do not drown at sea.

Labor’s regional resettlement arrangement has been the most effective deterrent against the ability of criminal people smugglers to prey on vulnerable people.

But processing offshore does not, for one minute, mean we can offshore or outsource our responsibility to treat people fleeing from persecution with humanity.

Vulnerable people should never be subject to degrading violence in Australia's name. 

Labor will restore the faith of Australians in our onshore and offshore processing networks by providing independent oversight of facilities, and creating an independent statutory advocate to protect the interests in children seeking asylum.

We will also legislate mandatory reporting of any instances of abuse of children in immigration detention.

Labor’s policies fulfil Australia’s fundamental desire to be a safe, prosperous nation. Our humane and compassionate policies will keep vulnerable people safe and restore Australia’s place in the world as a respected and responsible global citizen.

Above all, a Labor Government will fulfil the solemn duty we owe to the youngest people in our nation's care. 

More information about Labor’s positive plan is available here.