Labor’s Plan For Healthy Communities & Chronic Disease Prevention

A Shorten Labor Government will tackle Australia’s chronic disease crisis through a preventive health package to help families to raise healthy children and keep Australians healthy throughout their lives.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia. One in three Australians suffer from at least one chronic disease, like heart disease or diabetes.

Many of these diseases are due to preventable risk factors such as physical inactivity, poor nutrition, smoking and harmful use of alcohol.

A Shorten Labor Government will take the lead in promoting health through a package of measure to embed healthy attitudes and behaviours in communities, schools and the workplace.

Labor has a five-point plan to prevent chronic disease:

  1. Investing in 50 Healthy Communities nationwide, to help communities at the greatest risk of chronic disease to stay well.
  2. Tackling obesity through Australia’s first National Physical Activity Strategy and a National Nutrition Framework.
  3. Expanding the successful Better Health Channel into a nationwide platform for health information.
  4. Continuing the push to reduce smoking rates, particularly in at-risk communities.
  5. Addressing harmful use of alcohol through a National Alcohol Strategy.

Read the full fact sheet for more information here.