Labor’s Positive Plan For Mature Australian Workers

For Australians who’ve worked hard their whole lives, becoming unemployed after 50 can be tough. They’ve got skills, experience and plenty to offer, but fewer and fewer employers are willing to give them a go as they get older. 

Sometimes this happens because mature workers don’t have the formal qualifications employers are looking for. More often, it’s simply a case of employers having mistaken views about what they can contribute.

We understand the dignity and sense of pride that comes with being in work. Older Australians who lose their jobs don’t want to go on Newstart until they’re old enough to claim the pension. They want to work, and earn, and pay their own way just like they’ve done for decades before. 

Labor has specific plans to get more mature Australians working, because losing your job after 50 shouldn’t automatically mean the end of your career.

Labor stands for local jobs for older Australians because we put people first.

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