Marine Parks: Protecting Our Oceans And Fisheries

Labor understands Australians have a strong connection to our marine life. The Marine Park plan the last Labor Government put in place created the world’s largest network of marine protected areas in the world – over 2.3 million square kilometres were protected as Commonwealth Marine Parks.

As part of this plan, Labor also released a Fisheries Adjustment Assistance Package to help the commercial fishing industry adjust to the creation of expanded Marine Parks.

A Shorten Labor Government will re-commit to both our expanded network of Marine Parks and a Fisheries Adjustment Package to ensure any impacted fishers will be assisted with any impacts from expanded Marine Parks.

Labor understands that commercial fishing is an extremely important industry to regional communities and the country as a whole. That is why we’re determined that our Marine Parks do not undermine this industry.

Labor will achieve our marine ecological, economic and social objectives in an open, integrated, participatory and planned manner. Labor will use modern, best practice public processes like marine spatial planning involving stakeholders in a transparent way, to create and establish a more rational, adaptive and strategic use of marine space and the interactions between its uses.

Read the full fact sheet for more information on Labor's positive plan for our oceans.