Medicinal Cannabis

A Shorten Labor Government will ensure patients who are suffering from a terminal illness or other serious medical conditions will be allowed access to safe, reliable and legal medicinal cannabis if prescribed by their Doctor.

There are thousands of Australians who are suffering from unbearable pain, muscle spasticity from conditions like multiple sclerosis and nausea resulting from chemotherapy who may benefit from medicinal cannabis.

No one can imagine how horrific it must be for someone to see their child, partner or parent in immense pain, knowing relief is available but illegal.

If we can do something to help people suffering immense pain from debilitating and life threatening conditions - then why on earth wouldn’t we?

There are too many stories of people suffering – and this is unacceptable in a modern society.

With the governments of New South Wales and Victoria pushing ahead with state-based schemes and Queensland joining those states in taking part in clinical trials,  it is no longer tenable for the Federal Government to bury its head in the sand.

Only the Commonwealth Government can ensure there is a national scheme which ensures equity of access and a safe and reliable supply and Labor will work with the states and territories to enact it.

Action at the national level is needed because a person’s access to a product that can relieve suffering should not be dictated by the vagaries of which state or territory they live in.