Men’s Health Outreach

A Shorten Labor Government will invest in expanding the “Spanner in the Works” program, run by the Australian Men’s Shed Association, giving men who are reluctant to see their doctor and men in remote areas access to the mobile health program.

The Men’s Shed Association’s work has proven successful in improving the health and wellbeing of men, breaking down barriers and raising awareness.

The service will be staffed by one GP and three nurses and will visit large scale events where there are typically a large number of men in attendance.

Through the purchase of two large vehicles and one additional 4WD for remote access, the service will also make sure that men living in isolated areas get the care and support they need.

Research has shown that men are often more reluctant to go to their GP, and more likely to suffer from chronic disease and social isolation.

Men are more likely to use alcohol, tobacco and drugs, face more occupational exposures and hazards, and be impacted by physical inactivity and poor diet.

This is particularly true of men in low socio-economic groups. Men aged 25-64 years in the most socio-economically disadvantaged group have a mortality rate almost double that of their female counterparts.

Improving access to health care is a key part of enhancing men’s health in Australia.

Labor is committed to help the Men’s Shed Association in their outreach efforts and will invest $1 million in this initiative.