No Increase to the GST

A 15 per cent GST on everything will make families pay more for what they need the most. Malcolm Turnbull says he doesn’t want to increase the GST to 15% on everything, but make no mistake after the election Malcolm Turnbull will try and increase the GST.

On the GST just like on marriage equality and climate change, Malcolm Turnbull says one thing but he does another. Malcolm Turnbull is committed to increasing the GST. The Liberals can’t be trusted on the GST, after all John Howard said we would ‘never ever’ have a GST, and then after he had won an election he set about introducing a GST.

Labor knows that increasing the GST just doesn’t make sense: NATSEM and Parliamentary Budget Office modelling shows an increase in the GST would see those least able to afford it pay the biggest share of their incomes in GST. Labor wants to talk about tax reform in the areas of ensuring multinational companies pay their fair share, and making our superannuation system fairer.

But increasing the GST? It will increase the cost of everything and it’s just not fair.