Republic Timeline

In the 21st century we no longer hide behind the walls of fortress Australia, seeing ourselves as an outpost of empire, fearfully perched on the edge of Asia. We no longer take a narrow, race-based notion of citizenship. We celebrate diversity, we are grateful to count people from every nation, culture, tradition and faith as our own.

We should go to our region and the world proudly independent – declaring that we are no longer going to borrow a monarch from another country on the other side of the world.

Our constitution came into being as an act of the British parliament – 114 years later, our nation has changed, our place in the world has changed, and our constitution should change with it.

The republic debate is a chance for all of us to bring our constitution home, to vote our national birth certificate into existence as an Australian document, for our times.

An expression of the sovereign will of all Australians, where, unlike in 1901, the voices of women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will be heard.

Labor believes in modernising our Constitution to appoint an Australian as our Head of State. Labor will actively promote and campaign for an Australian Republic by establishing a clear plan to build the case for an Australian republic and the process to achieve it.

Labor's roadmap to a republic will include thorough consultation with the Australian people through:

  • A Constitutional Convention;

  • A plebiscite to gauge support for an Australian Head of State, and a preferred model of appointment and a referendum to formally adopt a change.

  • In a future Labor Government a member of the Executive will be appointed with the responsibility of promoting the benefits of an Australian Head of State, and building awareness of the process for Constitutional reform and the nature of proposed changes.