Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is changing how Australians buy and sell goods and services. At the same time, it is changing how we think about work and the dividing line between our private goods and public assets.

Labor wants to see all Australians share the benefits of the sharing economy. We also want to get the rules right to protect workers, consumers and the community.

Labor’s work on the sharing economy is part of our plan to build a more innovative and entrepreneurial Australia. We are stepping up to the new challenges and opportunities of the digital economy.

Our principle’s on the sharing company comprise:

  1. Primary property is yours to share
  2. New services must support good wages and working conditions
  3. Everyone must pay their fair share of tax
  4. Proper protection for public safety
  5. Access for all
  6. Playing by the rules

A Shorten Labor Government will work with state and territory governments to deliver legislative and regulatory reforms which turn Labor’s five sharing economy principles into concrete laws.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Productivity Commission will be tasked with monitoring developments to determine how well this new regulatory approach is working and the impact on existing markets.

Further information is available here.