Supporting Australians With Disability

A Shorten Labor Government will continue to work to improve the lives of Australians with disability.

Labor believes that people with disability deserve the same opportunities as other Australians to participate in the community and have their rights protected.

We believe Australians with disability deserve a fair go.

In recent years Australia has made a lot of progress in extending opportunity, security and fairness to people with disability. But we still have much more to do to ensure Australians with disability are not excluded from society. 

Labor’s plan for Australians with disability includes:

  • Delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme on time and in full. Under Labor, there will be no cuts, caps or delays to the NDIS.
  • Reinvigorating the National Disability Strategy to ensure it continues to reflect the needs of people with disability.
  • Boosting employment opportunities for people with disability by supporting private organisations to develop Disability Employment Action Plans, reforming Disability Employment Services and introducing public service employment targets.
  • Making Australian beaches more accessible and enjoyable for people with disability.
  • Ensuring there is a full-time Disability Discrimination Commissioner.
  • Protecting the pension for people with disability. Unlike the Liberals, Labor will not try to cut pension indexation.
  • Boosting support for independent advocacy organisations representing people with disability.

Read the full fact sheet for more information here.