Western Sydney Night 'No-Fly Zone'

Labor will act to ensure there is no noise impact on existing residences and communities from night time flights as part of Badgerys Creek Airport master planning.

This will be a part of a comprehensive aircraft noise mitigation plan.

This will ensure Western Sydney benefits from the economic boost Sydney’s second airport will deliver – including thousands of jobs – while communities aren't disturbed by night time aircraft noise.

We will ensure that approach and departure flight paths at night are directed away from residential areas.

Permissible night time flights at Kingsford Smith Airport are not allowed to fly over built up areas. This will also apply at Badgerys Creek under a Shorten Labor Government.

This will amount to a “no-fly zone” at night, similar to that which operates at Kingsford-Smith Airport.

These flight path designations are easily achievable during the low capacity periods at night at Badgerys Creek Airport.

Labor will also ask for proven noise mitigation measures such as the landscaping that acts as a noise sponge at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to be incorporated in the construction of Badgerys Creek Airport to ensure it is environmental best practice.

We will also ensure there is no concentration of aircraft flight paths over any particular community, as per best practice in other Australian airports.

Labor’s community consultation plan adopted in government will ensure that there is ongoing community input into the operation of the airport.

Labor is committed to ensuring that there is rail access to Badgerys Creek Airport and the employment lands in the region from the beginning of the operation of the airport.

We will also ensure that there is a local employment plan to ensure Western Sydney residents benefit from the jobs generated at the airport.