Working Futures: Tackling Youth Unemployment

Australia’s youth unemployment rate has been too high for too long. Today, more than 262,000 people aged between 15 and 24 are out of work – a little less than one in three Australian jobseekers. We must do better to stop these young people falling through the cracks and steer them into a secure future instead.

Labor’s Working Futures plan will get more young people into work – and keep them there – by giving them real skills and real opportunities. Unlike the Turnbull Government’s flawed internships scheme, Working Futures will offer real work experience and fair pay, along with the chance to achieve a proper qualification.

Labor’s Working Futures program will focus on the young people who are finding it hardest to break into the jobs market. Each year, we will support 20,000 people aged between 15 and 24 through a comprehensive work and training program that sets them on track for a life in work.

As part of Working Futures, jobseekers will take part in:

  • A six-week work readiness course focusing on essential employment skills as well as personal presentation, interview techniques and job hunting.
  • A six-month work placement with an employer, paid at an award-equivalent training wage.
  • A fully-funded Certificate III in a subject of their choice.

Working Futures aims to stop young people getting trapped in unemployment as they get older by tackling the specific barriers that keep them out of work. 

Unlike the Turnbull Government’s flawed youth internship program, we will give young jobseekers real skills and real experience for a successful future in work.